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I Help Parents Who Work Too Much Achieve More Time With Their Kids With The Entre Institute's Success Path Masterclass

My Journey So Far

Hi my name is Andrew Austin and I'm a 30 year old dad who worked way too much to provide for my family. My wife stays at home with our girl while I'm bringing home the bacon. In order to support this lifestyle I found myself having to work 60 hours of more a week. This only ended up lasting for a few months before my body started to break down. Since 18 I have been living with arthritis in both of my hips and since then it has spread from just my hips to my spine and my ribs. I have my good days and have my bad days but working 60+ hours a week took its tool on my body resulting in two trips to the emergency room last summer because I couldn't walk. Best way I could describe it was felling like my hip was dislocated. I could hardly put any pressure on it and had to have my wife help me for literally everything I did until my hips went back to normal and it was one of the most embarrassing and depressing points I have had in life. I also noticed that my wife and I were having arguments way more than we used to. I like to think that my wife and I have great communication. If there was ever something that one of us did that the other didn't like we would talk about it instead of arguing, but that started to change when I started working all these hours to support my family.

I knew I had to do something to turn my life around before I either ended up in a chair because of my body, not being able to do much with my daughter or I was going to lose my wife. I just didn't know where to start until one day on my break at work while watching YouTube I had an ad from Jeff Lerner come on about Entre Institute while I was distracted from watching. This caused me to have to listen to the whole ad but I'm glad that I did. Here was a guy that had been at rock bottom and created a successful life for himself and his family and he showed me how to do it myself with a training course he put together called the Success Path Masterclass. Entre's Success Path masterclass has helped me go from having to work 60+ hours a week to keep up with bills and necessities for everyday life with a toddler to under 40 as of now. My goal is to not have to work more than 20 hours by the end of the summer and not need my job at all by the start of the new year!

What Is the Entre Success Path Masterclass and how will it help me?

The Success Path Masterclass is a visual guild to what you can do in your future in Entrepreneurship or running your own business.

In this information packed training you will learn about the 3 P's to success and the 3 most lucrative online business models that you can learn and do from home to either supplement your income or replace your 9-5 all together.

You will get access to a trained advisor who will be there to walk you through the training and answer any questions you may have while also showing you any other benefits you may have with the Success Path.

I'm sure you have heard the saying there is strength in numbers. Well with the Success Path Masterclass you will also have access to an exclusive Facebook group with thousands of other people starting their entrepreneurial journey to learn with and from. Groups like these can be some of the most dynamic learning experiences you can ever have.

The best part is that Jeff brings you all of this for only 39 dollars! Once you pay you get immediate access to the training and everything else that is offered in the Success Path.

I just want to remind people that this isn't some get rich quick scheme! If you want to be successful you will have to put in the work... and nobody said it would be easy either. The most rewarding things in life are never easy.

Click the green SUCCESS button to get started today creating a successful and fulfilling life for you and your family!

What Customers Are Saying

Don't just take my word for it. See what other people are saying about Entre's training program


Andrea Campbell

Current Entre Student

This has been such an adventure! I started about 6 weeks ago and have never felt alone at any given point. I can feel myself and my life changing for the better and I look forward to completing required tasks every single day. Thank you to everyone who has assisted me on this journey!


Frank K

Current Student

Honestly, it felt off at first

Why put your trust into anybody selling you something on a YouTube ad right? well from my personal experience so far diving into this, Jeff really puts himself out there to be a honest people person, not trying to take money out of peoples pockets. But trying to help you see a path in life that might be right for you. He really is trying to help you, yes there are courses you are paying for in certain digital real estate business models. Ultimately he is teaching you to become the best version of yourself. He really teaches you that if you want to be successful, then make the decision to do so.


Gavin Larsen

Former Entre Student

Amazing experience with Entre Institute!!!

My experience with Entre Institute has been amazing! From Boot Camp, to the Affiliate Business Accelerator course, to going to Insight! I've learned so much. Not only is this a great place to learn a new business, but also to learn about yourself. I would highly recommend Entre to anyone wanting to work on their self, business and personal.


Annette Phillips

Former Entre Student

This is the real deal here

This is the real deal here. You have to really focus to accomplish what the curriculum demands are, but once you complete it, you have a real sense of accomplishment and mastery.

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